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Potato And Root Veg Soup

It can be really hard to eat seasonally around here at this point in the year, but making a big pot of this soup that's smooth and light but super nutrient-dense and filling makes it seem easy.  I HIGHLY recommend homemade stock or bone broth as the base over store-bought. The flavor will be much deeper and you'll be adding a ton of good stuff to an already super nutritious soup.  

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Blueberry Curd

I wait all year for the u-pick blueberry patches to open. Tony and I go and fill 3-4 gallon buckets with huge, gorgeous, juicy bluebies and the ones we don't eat in handfuls out of the buckets for the next several days get turned into jam, fruit butter, and wine, but my favorite thing to make with them is this blueberry curd.    

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