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2022 Gifting Guide

I love giving gifts and- if you'll allow me to toot my own horn for a moment- I am notorious for being a thoughtful gift giver. If gifting isn't your strong suit, I'm here to help! Get started by thinking about these 3 things:  Really think about the person you're buying for- what do you know about  their interests, their lifestyle and the way they take care of themselves or where they find pleasure and joy in their lives? Maybe you know that they're committed to low waste living and also love journaling or writing by hand. A refillable fountain pen and a nice journal or set of personalized stationary will blow them away.  Consider ways that you can elevate something they do or use every...

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Host Gifting Guide

This year, if you're lucky enough to get an invite to Thanksgiving a holiday meal prepared by someone else, the least you can do is not show up empty handed. It's a classy way to make sure your host feel seen and appreciated for the days of work that goes into hosting. 

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Caring For Wood Utensils

Whether you're warming up a can of soup or cooking from scratch every day, if you spend any time in your kitchen, you're probably using wood pieces like spoons, a cutting board or maybe even a pair of those bentwood tongs to grab things from the toaster. You've probably also watched your favorite wooden kitchen tools dry out over time and start looking a little dingy...

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