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Caring For Wood Utensils

Whether you're warming up a can of soup or cooking from scratch every day, if you spend any time in your kitchen, you're probably using wood pieces like spoons, a cutting board or maybe even a pair of those bentwood tongs to grab things from the toaster. You've probably also watched your favorite wooden kitchen tools dry out over time and start looking a little dingy...

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How To Burn Incense

Incense is burned across cultures and all over the world both in spiritual and religious practices as well as to scent a space or cover up unwanted smells or repel insects. Over the course of many centuries, humans have developed several ways of burning incense. While its form varies greatly, incense is generally made from the same materials- plants, oils and resins. While this list is by no means exhaustive, here we'll cover the types of incense we have carried, currently carry or might carry again and how to burn each of them. Please Note: Not all incense is created equally! We have done extensive research and testing, and every brand we carry meets or exceeds our rigorous standards. There is plenty...

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