What is your current lead time?

Unless otherwise stated, everything on this site is ready to ship. The lead time from this studio is generally up to 3 business days, but typically less!


What extra precautions are you taking, re-COVID-19?

First off- I have been quarantined with minimal contact with anyone besides my husband (who is very diligent about preventing any spread of COVID-19 at his place of business) and my parents (also quarantined and diligent) since March 15, 2020. I work from my home studio and handle the entire process myself, so there is very minimal likelihood of spread coming from me. That being said, I am still taking extra precautions:

While creating, I wash my hands upon entering the studio and again when I leave. Every piece of equipment I use is cleaned regularly, as are surfaces and high-touch areas (light switches, door knobs, etc). I’m often wearing a mask to protect myself from the various particulates present in my studio (ceramics and wood are both very dusty mediums).

While packaging, I wear gloves and a mask.


Do you ship worldwide?

At this time, I’m shipping only to the US and Canada, however outside of the US I can’t and won’t quote a delivery window. Once a package has left my studio, I can no longer be held responsible for its contents or delivery time.


Tell me about your zero-waste efforts?

I would LOVE to! You’re likely to see a variation of protective shipping packaging coming from my studio as I’m always sampling new low or no-waste materials.

A pillar of this studio is our ongoing and ever-expanding goals surrounding waste reduction. I am constantly seeking out suppliers that align with our morals in this area, too. We do our best to say “HELL NO” to plastic at any point and often reuse any plastic that does come in so it doesn’t end up in the landfill.

I use a roll of recycled kraft paper and eco wrap to protect items for shipping as well as a paper-based packaging tape and recycled cardboard boxes. I buy as much of my packaging materials from small companies like Eco Enclose whose focus is also on the planet and sustainability. For transparency’s sake: I am currently running through a large order of U-Line boxes I bought before I did my research on that company.