10" Hand-Poured Taper Candles (Set of 2)
10" Hand-Poured Taper Candles (Set of 2)

The Bee Box

10" Hand-Poured Taper Candles (Set of 2)

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These beautiful 100% beeswax tapers are also 100% chemical and paraffin free. and they burn in a light range akin to natural sunlight. When used as a light source, they can reduce headaches and minimize eye strain. They are made by The Bee Box, a company owned and operated by a family that has been keeping bees for more than 100 years.

Did you know beeswax neutralizes pollutants in the air when burned?

Sold in sets of 2 10” tapers (coloration may vary slightly due to the natural state of the beeswax itself).

Because of the handmade nature of these candles, you may need to melt down the end to soften the wax before fitting it into a candle holder. Another option is to use a taper candle sharpener, available here.