Wooden Spoons Style 2
Wooden Spoons Style 2
Wooden Spoons Style 2

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Wooden Spoons Style 2

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These spoons are lovingly carved by hand in-house. While similar in shape, each spoon is one-of-a-kind and is sealed in the Spoon Butter we also make in-house. This style is ideal for cooking and mixing but can be used as a serving spoon, as well.

Each spoon in this style is roughly 12" long.

Included in your order: 
-Spoon(s) of your choosing
-1oz sample of spoon butter for upkeep (see below)
-Care Card with instructions to keep your spoon looking fresh. 

Wooden utensils of any kind need to be hand-washed. Only store when completely dry. And, please for the love of all things good never ever ever put your wood utensils, bowls or cutting boards in the dishwasher. The detergents used tend to be too harsh and the water too hot and the combination makes for sad, dry wood that's prone to cracking.

When your spoon starts to feel dry, wash and dry it completely. Then, using a lint-free cloth, rub it with Spoon Butter or a hardening oil (be sure to check that it's food-safe and nontoxic). Let it sit on a towel for an hour or so before buffing off any excess. Let it sit overnight and then it's ready to use again!  Wooden spoons require sealing about once a month, or as you see fit. We like to say that it's better to apply Spoon Butter too often than not often enough as wood can split when dry. Sealing also prevents staining from things like stirring a tomato sauce or golden turmeric milk or a pot of blueberry jam.