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  • Earth-Friendly Shipping/ Sustaining The Beauty of Ceramics with Sustainable Packaging

    Earth-Friendly Shipping/ Sustaining The Beauty of Ceramics with Sustainable Packaging
    Sustainable packaging and shipping in the world of ceramics is a commitment to preserving both the beauty of the art form and the beauty of our planet. By adopting earth-friendly cushioning, recyclable and minimalist packaging, reusable solutions, sustainable tape options, and engaging in educational initiatives, ceramic artists and studio owners can create a positive ripple effect in the industry.
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  • Navigating The Path To Earth-Friendly Materials In Ceramic Studios

    Navigating The Path To Earth-Friendly Materials In Ceramic Studios
    Choosing eco-friendly materials in ceramic studios is not just a trend; it's a fundamental shift towards responsible creativity. By opting for locally sourced clay, lead-free glazes, natural and recycled materials, and collaborating with eco-conscious suppliers, artists and studio owners can contribute to a more sustainable future for the world of ceramics.
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  • A Guide To Waste Reduction In Ceramics Studios

    A Guide To Waste Reduction In Ceramics Studios
    Waste reduction in ceramic studios is not just an environmental responsibility; it's a creative opportunity. By embracing a zero-waste philosophy, recycling clay scraps, adopting mindful glazing practices, repurposing defective pieces, and incorporating sustainable packaging, artists and studio owners can
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  • 2022 Gifting Guide

    2022 Gifting Guide

    a pile of gifts
    love giving gifts and- if you'll allow me to toot my own horn for a moment- I am notorious for being a thoughtful gift giver. If gifting isn't your strong suit, I'm here to help! 

    Get started by thinking about these 3 things: 

    1. Really think about the person you're buying for- what do you know about  their interests, their lifestyle and the way they take care of themselves or where they find pleasure and joy in their lives? Maybe you know that they're committed to low waste living and also love journaling or writing by hand. A refillable fountain pen and a nice journal or set of personalized stationary will blow them away. 

    2. Consider ways that you can elevate something they do or use every day. This can be as simple as a new Yeti tumbler for your friend who is all about their morning coffee or tea, elevating their home scenting rituals with anything from our home scenting line, or elevating a daily experience we all share by gifting a swanky set of sheets.
    3. Think about how you can combine their interests with something aesthetic and useful. A great gift serves a purpose, so aim to find something that's both aesthetic and useful or aesthetic and interesting. The more luxe you can make it feel the better. Maybe you know they love to soak in the tub- give them a luxurious body oil or these upscale bath bombs. Or maybe you know they're an avid reader- they'll love a subscription to Book Of The Month. (Pro tip: Print off their subscription info and slide it and a bookmark into a handwritten card.)

    If that little thought exercise hasn't sufficiently gotten your juices flowing, the following is a list of some things I use all the time and can attest to the quality and usefulness of. I've included a few things from the studio that meet those same requirements. Most of the links are affiliate links, meaning the studio gets a small percentage of the sale if you use the links provided. That money generally goes back into tools for the studio. 

    Our Grater Plates for garlic and ginger make for an interesting gift for avid cooks. They're not likely to already have one, but they'll find themselves reaching for it all the time!

    Penzey's offers some of the highest quality herbs, spices and mixes available, period. The Cooking Gift Box is a great balance of sweet and savory and would make an excellent gift. They also offer sets of minis if you're looking for something around the $20 mark.

    Flour Water Salt Yeast is kind of the end-all-be-all book for bread baking. It's suitable for anybody who has at least a little baking experience. Pair it with this kit of bread making supplies

    Our hand-dipped cone incense is low waste, packaged in biodegradable pressed paper pulp and all smells incredible. Pair it with an incense holder.

    a black yeti tumbler
    A truly excellent gift for just about anyone is a nice travel mug.  I recommend springing for a Yeti. They're sturdy, they seal well and keep a drink piping hot, and they're comfy in-hand. Plus- they're the only insulated travel mugs I've found that you can wash in the dishwasher! Pair it with a bag of coffee beans or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop.

    These produce storage bags are honestly incredible. You get them damp and they greatly extend the life of most produce stored inside. I use mine for carrots, brussels sprouts, radishes, green beans, herbs, and more. Pair it with a gift card to the local co-op. 


    I can't sing the praises of Misen more highly. They sell direct to consumers, so their prices are great, everything they offer is beautifully designed and weighted and it's all very high quality. If you're not sure what your giftee might need, consider the uniquely sized Utility Knife or a Nonstick Pan. If you happen to know that their cooking setup could use a serious upgrade, go for cooking utensils, either the full set or pick and choose a few pieces.  

    Vitamix Food Cycler loaded with food waste
    If you've got the budget to really go above and beyond, consider gifting The Vitamix Food Cycler Home Composter. It's not the sexiest looking appliance on my countertop, but it has basically eliminated my household's food waste. 

    Need a card? 

    Someday Studio has some of my favorite greeting card designs. Cards are all $5.95/ea or grab a set of 8 for $16.95.

    Seedy Cards is another one of my favorites for cards, plus, as their name suggests, they're made from paper infused with flower seeds so they can be planted!

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