My Story

The short of it:
My name is Bonna Moon. I am a multi-disciplinary artist/maker living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with my sweet husband, our two cats and our  precious hound dog. I work mainly in ceramics, wood and metals but am always learning new skills. I am a queer femme person who uses the pronouns she/her.

I love growing, cooking and eating food, making and listening to music, traveling, reading, hiking and kayaking. A well-curated, quirky museum makes me weak in the knees. I drink coffee and daydream like it's my job and could spend the rest of my life poking around thrift and antique stores. I love a good home renovation project and am always itching to start a new one. 

What you can expect from me in this space is to show up consistently to offer you pieces that come from a place deep in my heart and curated products that only compliment my handmade pieces.

The long of it:

I grew up with three brothers in Menomonie, Wisconsin. When I was younger, I was constantly dreaming of moving somewhere more exciting until I grew up and started looking around. There are pockets of beauty hidden in plain sight all over this corner of the world, and I live among some of the hardest working and friendliest people you can find. It’s a great hub to travel from and (unless there are five feet of snow on the ground) a wonderful place to come home to, too.

I fell in love young at 18 with one of my dear friends at the time, now my husband, Tony. We were introduced a year or so before we started dating by my best friend and cousin, Abbey, who has since admitted that she may have been playing matchmaker and it was just us who took a while to catch on to her brilliance. A year and a half after we started dating, we lost my oldest brother to suicide and my entire life and worldview, of course, shifted in major ways.  I dropped off of the waiting list for nursing school, dropped out of college (where I didn’t really want to be anyway) all together, quit my healthcare job and Tony and I drove across the country and met my family in California for some healing. My next older brother, niece and nephew live in southern California and the rest of us needed some sunshine and salt water healing.  Something started shifting into place in the very core of me somewhere between those long, winding mountain passes, dirty rest stops, desert towns and then the crashing waves, sandy beaches and sunshine. I started realizing that life is a lot of duality- we can be overjoyed and heartbroken, falling more deeply in love while grieving another love lost, we can gain a sense of purpose without knowing where to put it. I realized on that trip that we are the only ones with even a little control of our lives and our choices, but also that it can all change or completely vanish in an instant.  The pieces were clicking together for me. I knew then and there that I wanted to live in a way that would fill my heart up so it could spill out and fill a void somewhere else, too, though the idea horrified me because I had no idea what to do with it.

We came home, and I took a job at Starbucks and started working my way up the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder. I was making things here and there to sell on Etsy, because that was what was actually filling my cup up. I made a handful of sales here and there, but nothing to write home about.  A couple years later, Tony and I got married and my little brother and his girlfriend welcomed a baby girl into the world! Then, after four years of working for Starbucks and reaching a middle management job, I left to pursue my creativity and to nanny my young niece. Everybody thought I was nuts (which, let’s be honest, I was). All I knew was that I was tired of my body aching and that I wanted a slower life.

I spent those next couple years coloring, singing, dancing, giggling, kissing boo boos, napping and gaining an immense appreciation for slow living. More pieces of that puzzle started clicking into place in my heart. I started my new ritual of planting and tending to a garden on my parent’s land. (I dream of expanding that to a small farm I can run with my husband alongside making art!) I deepened my love for cooking and baking from scratch. I was still processing the loss of my brother, too (grief takes over for years, sometimes), but I would fit in making things for the Etsy shop here and there.  When my niece started daycare, I started working doing secretarial work for my husband at the used car dealership he had obtained. I, again, would work on my creative work when I could, but was too afraid to prioritize it.  I had honestly worked it up so much in my own mind that it took a friend curating some pieces of mine for a stall she was overseeing at an art crawl in town. The push to get enough stock made, and with enough variety to form a collection for that show ready was exactly what I needed to realize that I had reached the point where people were actually interested in what I had to offer! That was just February, 2019.

Since then, I’ve worked to get my small in-home studio set up to serve all the mediums I’m focused on, (no small feat) as well as honing my creative skills, taking classes and fully dedicating myself to my work as a creative entrepreneur. And you know what? In these last couple years, it truly feels like those foundational puzzle pieces that have been floating around my heart since that California road trip clicking into place, a deep breath, like I’m coming home to myself after getting a little lost.

I’m so honored to have you along for the ride in whatever capacity you see fit.