No. 003 Framed Sculpture
No. 003 Framed Sculpture

Bonna Moon Studio

No. 003 Framed Sculpture

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This is a framed sculpture piece featuring 3 subtly textured semicircles of varying size adhered to a hand-woven recycled paper backing.

Each of these framed sculptures are one-of-a-kind and are signed and dated. This specific collection of pieces are framed in either a gray toned wood grain or black frame and are being offered at an introductory rate. The shadowbox frames are 12inx12in and are deep enough to stand up, but they do have a hanger built in to the back to be hung on a wall, as well. 

This is the only time that these will be offered at this introductory price, as we are working on hand-building frames in our woodshop for future framed offerings, coming Fall 2022.